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Emer Dunne - Daisy (single)

March 2020 saw a change across many parts of the world. We have all been affected and many of our great charities have suffered as a result of not being able to run the fundraising events of the past.  Laois based singer, Emer Dunne released the first single, Daisy from her astounding new album entitled, Hourglass has decided to donate all the profits from her single to a charity close to many of our own hearts, The Irish Cancer Society.   “I didn’t set out to record a song for charity. I was just working on this album and the way things went this past year the release was delayed. The date was then set for March 26th and when I discovered this was also Daffodil Day, I decided that during these difficult times perhaps I can give something back. Everyone knows someone who has had to suffer at the evil hands of cancer. On a personal note, I have three aunties and an uncle who all suffered from Cancer and my mother is currently battling this illness.  I have watched her bravery over the past few months and observed first hand the fantastic work and support given by The Irish Cancer Society”.  

To date, Emer has performed in Germany, Holland and England to rave reviews. She sang as part of an Irish dance show that toured many corners of Europe and Japan. Emer has opened for Phil Coulter, The Fureys, The Celtic Tenors, Frankie Gavin, Mick Hanley, John Spillane, The Irish Tenors and many more.

‘Daisy’ is a positive uplifting song where the singer is reminding ‘Daisy’ that all people don’t view the world in the same way and as the lyrics state, “people don’t think like you do and some don’t think at all.”  The track is written by Scottish songwriter Karine Polwart and the song struck a chord with Emer. She immediately took it to her producer, Bill Shanley (who works with Mary Black & Gilbert O Sullivan etc). Emer knew it would be one of the ten tracks to make its way onto her new album.  A talented songwriter in her own right, Emer could relate to the lyrics of this song, and with Bill Shanley at the helm she could see the opportunity for bringing a unique and vibrant arrangement to it.Daisy’ was recorded between Dublin and London with Bill Shanley, Andrew Holdsworth, Colin Farrell and Jonathan Owens.

Emer Dunne's warm vocal is like a bandage that protects the wound and helps the healing process. It brings the Celtic spirit into life. The violin brightens up the already optimistic song and its message. You might be feeling low but  a song like this and especially Dunne's clear vocal lift your spirits up and make you believe there are brighter days ahead and the clouds will eventually disappear.

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