Music from the Heart

Elliot Crampton - Voice of a Smoker (single)

Elliot Crampton from Greystones, in County Wicklow, Ireland, known from the Mute the TV band , is releasing his solo debut single, an original song called, ''Voice of a Smoker'', a  song Elliot wrote for his mom and his two late grannies from whom he was inspired to write the song.  The song which consists of sentimental lyrics, guitar, violin, piano, harmonium, harmonies, bass, percussion, and drums. In the song Elliot plays all the instruments himself, except for the violin which was played by Enda.

Love pours out of the heartfelt lyrics, delivered by the delicate vocal. The violin adds an additonal layer of feelings.  Honesty is the key to gain listenership and we think Elliot Crampton managed to achieve just that with this personable track. There is a slight element of nostalgia but doesn't take over and the vibe remains optimistic although not too cheerful. However, the mood of the track elevates a bit towards the end when the full band sound comes in and takes the song to a crescendo.

Releasing a debut single is a very brave action  that takes courage and determination. Some people never leave their bedroom. It will be interesting  to see where Elliot Crampton is taken by his solo endeavours.

" the voice of a smoker of 50 odd years told me not to waste my beautiful tears

But if I must - to keep them in a jar so when I miss her she'll know where they are"

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