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Elena Duff - Sailing on the Sea of Love (single)

Coming from Dublin, Elena Duff’s musical career began late in life, as she formerly concentrated solely on visual art. The beginning was the day she picked up a ukulele and taught herself to play. Pretty soon she began to write her own songs. Her influences include jazz, 1920s music and folklore and torch songs.  She  got endorsed by a ukulele manufacturer in Korea and joined a large, gigging ukulele ensemble for a year. After leaving the band, she focused on writing and performing her own songs on soprano and baritone ukuleles and more recently guitar. Sailing on the Sea of Love started life as an acoustic number played on baritone ukulele and was written for Valentine's Day 2019.

Not only does the title of the song seem to be more than fitting but choosing the ukulele as an instrument to be asociated with feels like something Elena Duff was born to do. Her deep bluesy vocal brings comfort. From the first notes you find yourself on board of a ship, your eyes closed, listening to the sound of the waves. Is there anything more relaxing?

The lyrics carry deeper meaning, making us realize what is that we have in life and to be grateful for that. "It's the little things.." as the saying goes. Little things that make the whole picture complete. Little things that make life worth living.

Luminescence in our wake
Moon splits to stars upon the waves
Sail past the buried gold on shore
Most precious treasures are all on board"

For all the romantics out there. Hard not to believe in love after this.

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