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Edge Of The Blade - Feels Like Home

Edge Of The Blade is British Hard Rock band with melody and style and features the talents of Alan Kelly (Ex Shy) and John Francis (Ex After Hours).After debut album “The Ghosts Of Humans” in 2015 the band signed with the Danish hard rock label Lions Pride Music and is coming back with a new melodic hard rock album which is called “Feels Like Home”.

The opener Santa Carla presents a clear idea of where we find ourselves. Some strong guitar riffs along with the drums form the base of the song, the melody is catchy and easy to remember. a few lines to be sung along as is the custom.

There is an inescapable influence of the 80s in the band's sound (take State of Love as an example, don't you imagine it as a soundtrack to some action classion from the decade?). It''s also apparent early on the melodies are what's worth a mention a bit more than the lyrics in this case. The themes of the songs are the well-known shades of love and relationship, something that's been treated countless times before and there are surely tons in store. Some of the lyrics are true cliché ("if I am lost I know you find me, take me in your arms and hold me tight..")

Never Be A  Next Time seems a little different at the start, starting out as a gentle romantic piece before turning into a melody rock anthem. One of the highlights on the album.

poIt takes quite an effort to tell each song from the next as they fell in the same bag with similar features. However, we mentioned one of the highlights earlier on and Never Needed Love could easily be another. Starts gently on a slightly romantic note before the drums kick in yet the slower dynamic and melancholic tone remain.The lyrics may seem simple at first but there is a depth in them and meaning worth digging.

The album ends on a positive note with Feels Like Home and End Well bringing a little silver lining in.

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