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Driven Snow - Trying (single)

Tired of forever being sounding boards for each other’s songs, Kieran McGuinness (Delorentos) and Emily Aymler (Republic of Loose) have been working quietly on a collaborative musical venture for a few years now. With jobs and a growing family keeping them more than busy it had been a matter of snatching a few moments here and there and putting in late-night weekend sessions.

Little by little Driven Snow began to emerge in the shape of a collection of songs that are at odds with, yet informed by, their collective musical outings (Kieran as a lynchpin of Delorentos and Emily as a vocalist with Republic of Loose and Stars On Fire). The pair decamped (with children, grandparents and all) to Donegal, taking their musical sketches up to Tommy McLaughlin’s Attica Studios (Villagers, S.O.A.K., Pillow Queens) and encouraging them to grow into simple, gentle tunes with a big heart and a common soul.

Driven Snow is now ready to take a step into the real world starting things off, gently with “Trying”... offering a tantalising hint of the yearning curiosity in their songwriting via a mix of classic harmonies housed in uncluttered acoustic and electronic sounds. With influences including Neil Young, Beach House, Cat Power, Scandinavian TV shows and fireside beers,  the realities of life as a musician in modern Ireland have never been more beautifully articulated.

For their new project Kieran and Emily have a simple aim: that Driven Snow will make music that they would listen to - music that means something. Their debut single "Trying"  is an intriguing composition, with the darkness in the melody that contrasts with the encouraging lyrics that not every day is good but you gotta keep going, moving forward, every step is a step forward, no matter the size. The uniqueness of the sound really piques your interest in this case.

"sometimes I feel like I'm not enough"

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