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Dreaming Of Jupiter - Fading (EP)

3 piece Alt-Pop/Soul band from Dublin City have been performing live together since late 2016 when they burst onto the scene with a packed out single/video launch for their debut track 'Light of My Life in Dublin's Whelans. This was followed by a string of several acclaimed festival performances and shows including Castlepalooza, Sunflower Fest and Sea Sessions among others, even performing in Spain for an intimate Sofar Sounds show in Madrid. The band finished up last year with a private live recorded performance for a limited number of fans in Dublin's renowned 'Windmill Lane Studios', making for a great closing show for the year, and ensuring that the band are a musical force to be reckoned with moving into 2018.

The band's sound blends elements of the Electropop, Funk, R'n'B and Trip Hop genres in such a cohesive way it feels as if they have created a genre all of their own. It's groovy, it's atmospheric, it's soulful and it's different. Renowned for their energetic and honest performances, the sheer musicianship and faithful recreation of the complex electronic textures that exist in their recordings, makes for an incredible live show.

Right Kind Of Love is a perfect track that makes your body moving. There's the unmistakable soul feel, a little experimenting but nothing is exaggerated, everything flows smoothly like it was meant to be exactly like that.

Let Me Down What starts as  seemingly romantic song quickly turns into something different. Not necessary negative, the singer seems to reconcile with the situation and the fact the love is over but there's no hate. Just realization that the two have gone their separate ways. Zoë Gough's vocal is compelling, you believe every word she sings.

"...there is no way to run from it and nowhere to hide. You best go grab your crucifix 'cause nothing's gonna fix this..."

Fading, the title track, mixes lyrics in Spanish and English. The Spanish lines add more exotic element to the song but at the same time it feels natural and you wish there were more songs in Spanish. Maybe a plan for the future?

SOLACE, the closing track, is a beautiful soul tune where we can really explore the vocal of the lead singer, She puts her entire self into the song and it can be heard in the result. And this song summs up what the trio is trying to achieve.

" ...I take solace in my melody..."

These four songs show that Dreaming Of Jupiter love exploring the sounds and absorbing them into their music. There's certainly an exciting future ahead for them.

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