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Dream Eyes - Heaven (single)

Dream Eyes is the artistic alias of Tadhg Collins, originally from Limerick, currently based in Dublin. Taking inspiration from a diverse range of genres such as dream pop, indie rock, and classical music, Dream Eyes is less about fitting into genres, and more about a passion for exploring sounds, and how they express nuances of emotion. That said, various artists like The Strokes, Gorillaz, Bloc Party, Kanye West, The Growlers, Caroline Rose and Charli XCX find themselves in the DNA of his music.

Following a motorbike accident in 2019, Tadhg was forced to look at other avenues to create and follow his passion for music. This led to a latent interest in music production and technology and opened up a whole new world of sound design and production. Relearning guitar and learning piano after a debilitating injury to his left arm left him questioning his ability to continue to pursue a musical career. Dream Eyes is the response to that question. ‘Heaven’ is Dream Eyes’ fourth single.

There is a certain parallel between what happened to Dream Eyes and the story of Mic Christopher who, after a serious motorbike accident which left him in an upper body cast for three months, completely changed his outlook on life and this is when he wrote his most famous song Heyday. Sadly, Christopher passed away in November 2001 at the age of 32 after suffering a head injury one night while on tour with The Waterboys in The Netherlands.

"Heaven" from Dream Eyes is an ambient electronic track with infectiously catchy rhytm, layered lyrics that need a few listens to uncover the true meaning. Dream Eyes shows his potential both as a composer and writer.

"I know in my heart, you

Are just as deep and lost, and lost in you.   

I know in my heart you

Are just as lost in darkness, lost in you"

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