Music from the Heart

Donal Coghlan - My Journey

Sometimes you hear music that takes you on a journey. Journey to a different world. A world where you forget everyday troubles and just enjoy what you hear. Is that a sign of a good song? Without doubt. In fact, that's what an artist is looking for, no matter what field he or she is in - to have an impact on people, to create something that people remember. This is the case of Donal Coghlan's  EP My Journey.

It is immediately clear what Life and Dreams is about. We should live to make our dreams come true. Because the only thing people usually regret when their lives are about to end are not the things they did and those didn't work out but the things they didn't do. The track has a warm bluesy southern feel, perfectly captures the overall mood.

The piano and electric guitar in Country Living Blues create a combination that takes us back in time, perhaps to the good old days...

Still Rolling tells the all too familiar tale of overcoming everyday struggles but trying to find something positive in it instead of complaining.

How Have You Been Out There? is another beautiful bluesy track remembering the long-lost love. The singer seems to regret the relationship is finished and the two have gone their separate ways.

Donal Coghlan is a singer/songwriter who has returned to the music scene after a very lengthy absence from it. And he surely doesn't regret doing so. He also runs a monthly session for singer/songwriters in Kells called Kells Indie Sessions.

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