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Demi Michelle - Dear Diary

Demi Michelle Schwartz is a pop and country songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From a young age, she has surrounded herself with music, playing piano, singing her favorite songs, and going to as many concerts as possible. While in college, she discovered her passion for songwriting and decided to turn her experiences into lyrics. The thought of writing a new song is always in her mind, and she can’t resist typing lyrics into her phone and recording melody ideas when she’s inspired. Her songs hold an authenticity that shows who she is, staying true to herself as a songwriter. Her debut single, “Into Focus,” captures the honesty she aims to achieve and sets the stage for her upcoming music. Dear Diary is her debut album.

Deeply personal collection of songs where she's opening her heart and soul for complete strangers, letting them get a chance to know her a bit more. Perfectly Imperfect summs this up. A deeply introspective track showing the vulnerability of the singer, the fragility of the thoughts and doubts hidden deep inside. It's also reminding the listener to love themselves as they are. Everybody is unique and nobody can love you the way you love yourself.

The haunting arrangement of Sensitive highlights the raw honesty expressed.  A warning of not letting everyone you know too close. "Be careful  what you say because I can be a little sensitive"

In Obvious she's showing her songwriting abilities and her talent to use rhymes in the powerful context I couldn't be more obvious, "I'm curious, are you really that oblivious, I'm serious..."

The lyrics are honest, raw and that makes the listener relate to them because we all have been there more than once... But not everyone is willing to acknowledge that. The signs are there, we have shown our cards to the object of our desires yet the reaction wasn't what we expected. We might get burnt but it's worth taking the risk.

Demi Michelle's vocal has a range, there's well-measured dose of emotions on each track appropriate to its content. The arrangements compliment the lyrical content, letting the message shine through. Some of these songs are very suitable for a late night club with flashing lights all around, others are more intimate and demand more attention.  Be it one or the other, you still feel like she's singing not to you but about you.

Dear Diary is a thrilling introduction of an exciting artist. It's a snapshot of a human heart and soul, all the highs and lows romantic life has to offer.

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