Music from the Heart

Dean Maywood - Dean Maywood (EP)

We all have seen the movie "Walk the line" where Johnny Cash in the early stages of his career is singing gospels and he's told by the sound engineer to sing a song as it was the last song of his life, that such song truly saves people. Honesty is the key for an artist to create something remarkable. And there's no doubt about the integrity when you listen to Donegal man Dean Maywood and his songs. His self-titled EP brings a collection of five songs painting a rich picture of stories and melodies straight from the heart.

Everything starts with what could be considered a classic - Jane. A story in the song follows a relationship that's heading towards the end but certain feelings still linger and the leading character is standing at the crossroads. The lyrics are beautifully descriptive and there's a sense of hope (even if false)... "5'4" and drown in a long black hair..."

Knowing & Lying has that old school southern feel, Maywood's warm and evocative vocal guides us through the story of how tough life can sometimes be and lies are often softer than the truth itself. You can call it a merciful lie. It's the harmonica that gives the song that timeless feel which makes you think  that this song deserves to be out there with the biggest names of the genre. The vocals are put back in some parts which only adds a haunting element to the overall impact.

Lousiana is another example of Maywood's talent. Gentle consoling vocal gives you the sense that whatever has happened hasn't been as bad as you may have thought at the start of it all and now everything is turning for the better. The heartbeat effect at the end is a stunning yet not surprising element that only highlights the evocativeness of the track.

The Silver dollar can be played on a jukebox in your favourite bar while you're dancing with your sweetheart. Or you're meeting your childhood friends after so many years and taking a little trip down the memory lane. Listening to this song surely brings back your own memories, doesn't it?

Lay You Down closes the album on an optimistic note. The powerful piano notes sound like a confirmation that there is a true love for everyone. And it's just the matter of time till we find it.

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