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Dean and Chapter - Spiritual Suicide (EP)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you signed the pact with the Devil? It seems like Dean Wright aka Dean and Chapter has done so and it's serving him well. He literally bleeds for his art. Does it sound too much? For some. But it shows he's putting 150% into his work and that's what matters. Dean is a native of London, living in Newry, County Down, for almost 20 years. Classically trained in guitar as a child and has been writing and performing songs all his life. He plays bass guitar in a local punk cover band called Feed The Enemy but with his love of music he always wanted to perform his own so in July 2018 he decided to concentrate full time on his music and began travelling as a solo artist to Belfast, Dublin and around the country to promote his original music. He now comes with the new EP entitled Spiritual Suicide.

The opening track, Friends with the Devil, has the dark aura about it and pretty much summs up everything aforementioned. But at the same time we consider it a real highlight of the album. Guitar riffs and the drums created a base for a song where you can truly see the fire burning. Taken right from hell? Certainly a great soundtrack to scenes from down there. Is Dean going back to his roots with this? Probably.

Get It On sounds like a marching tune.  Another example of a song that plays with the imagination. Some might see a battlefield while listening to this, perhaps the army getting ready to defend their territory or their leader.  " you never did join the dots..."

Street Corners is another track from this collection this will get into your head with the purpose of staying there. Another catchy riff. This man surely knows how to make his mark on the scene.

Dean is launching the EP on Friday April 26th in Skylite room in Warrenpoint, Co. Down.

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