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Davie Furey feat. EllyD - Downtown Parade (single)

Irish singer/songwriter Davie Furey is set to release his new single, Downtown Parade. Written by Davie Furey, it is produced, mixed and mastered by Martin Quinn in JAM Studios. It is his second single this year. History reached number 1 on the iTunes rock charts earlier in 2022. These songs are part of a collection of songs being recorded for a new album, which is set for release in 2023. Downtown Parade also includes the stunning vocals of Dublin singer/songwriter ELLYD. It is the second time Furey and ELLYD have collaborated on a song. Back in 2017, Secret Light, featuring ELLYD, reached number 1 on the singer/songwriter iTunes charts and was on Furey's critically acclaimed album Haunted Streets.

Downtown Parade is a shadowy tale of what a night may hold.  I love the energy of a city and each city has its own unique energy.  It's not something I need frequently but when it happens, I enjoy the buzz." 
The piano intro sets the right atmosphere and plants the imagery of a night in the city in the listener's mind. Furey's distinctive vocal only cements the impression. EllyD brightens the track with her crystal clear vocal. It's a lively upbeat track, suitable for a night out, enjoying the skyline.

"Chaos ‘round the corner

Laying down a mark

They’re breaking for the border

Some people just like it dark"

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