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David Skinner - Is anyone out there? (EP)

If you can picture yourself in a new york coffeehouse circe 1960s, a lit cigarette smoldering on the table, with a stench of coffee in the air, you need only add the Leonard Cohenesque charm of David Skinner's brutally honest, beautifully fingerpicked and impressively poetic lyricism to complete the scene. At only 27, David Skinner has been around the world of music and come back full circle. Born and based in Ireland, his music has been described as a contemporary Tom Waits, with indie folk influence to join in the heavy rumbling of his bassy voice as it cries out with words of love and despair. David's guitar playing has attracted the attention of legendary musicians Joe Satriani, Tommy Emmanuel and Arlo Guthrie. He has toured in Ireland, the UK and USA. He was also one of Sky arts 'Guitar stars' of 2015.

Voyager contains delightful guitar and if there was a track on which you would subconsciously hear the unmistakeable Leonard Cohen's voice, it's this one. If the name brings up a connection to the space probes from the 1970s, you are on the right track. Even the sound at the start of this song could be a sound of a rocket launch. Lyrically, the song is an homage to them. Skinner is singing the words to the Voyagers in such a personal and heartfelt way the listener feels a part of the story, being drawn in in such an effortless manner.

"Rocket man tells us what it costs to be free"

Lonesome with you smells of the whiskey and of the good old south. A love song about loyalty, honesty, desire, trust. All kinds of feelings that are in place when two people are more than friends.There is a hint of sadness in the singer's voice, as if being with his object of affection was only a wishful thinking.

"Request all you need from me and I will give it to you"

Friend for the night  features well-crafted guitar picking once again. Romance is mentioned in the lyrics, seen from a different angle this time. More intimate, more seductive, more persistent. The instrumental part of this song is an artform of its own and it makes you wanna hear an instrumental version of the whole piece if there was such a thing. Skinner proves he knows his trade inside out, writes and sings from the heart. Honesty is the key for the Corkman. His voice is deep and tasty as the finest dark chocolate.

"if I were to die tonight at least I would die free"

Artwork: Fay Palmer

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