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David Punch - Out of Reach (single)

David Punch is a 25 year old multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Cork in Ireland. He has been very open about his journey with Asperger's Syndrome, and aspires to inspire other people who may face similar difficulties. Punch admits that growing up with Aspegers (a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication) was incredibly difficult, especially with having relationships. “Finding the right woman to spend the rest of my life with is a difficult one for me because, I’m looking for the right girl who will understand me and love me for the person who I am.” Punch took his experiences and used them as inspiration for ‘Out Of Reach’, a track that was recorded and produced during Lockdown, with the help of producer Dave Skelton. Inspired by Irish artist Gavin James' song ‘Sober’.

Having previously performed in venues across Cork including Cyprus Avenue and Crane Lane, Punch is hoping to release more music before venues re-open in the coming weeks. “I’m aiming to release more singles throughout this pandemic, I'm writing songs every week and hope to release them in the coming months, I’m also hoping to go back playing in front of people when gigs are back, supporting other Singer-Songwriters and going on tour myself too.

Following the release of his previous single ‘Different’ late last year, David Punch marks his return to music with the release of his brand new track ‘Out Of Reach’, which examines how a man who is in love with a woman doesn't realize his feelings for her. It’s hurting him because he wants more than a close friendship.

Punch's evocative vocal makes you feel for him, the pain is palpable. The arrangement gives the words and the feelings the space to pull the right strings in listener's heart. Honest words, relatable for everyone who hears them. We all know the situation that the song speaks about, either directly or indirectly.

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