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David Neil Crabtree - Gasoline (single)

‘Gasoline’ is the debut solo single from The Mentulls lead singer David Neil Crabtree, available to download and stream from 18th June on the independent label UpRoot’Em Records. Produced and co-written by Danny Schogger (George Michael, Paul Young) and Charlie Dore (Tina Turner, George Harrison) before being mixed and mastered by John Gallen (Queen, Beverly Craven), ‘Gasoline’ is the first single to be released from David’s forthcoming debut album, which is due for release in the autumn.

A dark, brooding song about being totally disillusioned with love and relationships, ‘Gasoline’ is laced with vengeful lyrics that try to capture the feeling of total loss when a relationship turns bad. David said, “I like to think nearly everyone can relate to the sentiment of the lyric, as we’ve all been there at one point or another in our lives.” Schogger’s outstanding production values back the lyrics with a nod to the epic, with ‘big’drums, distorted bass and guitars, alongside sweeping strings and piano.

The video for ‘Gasoline’ was directed by Richard Doney and filmed in David’s hometown of Whitby, perfectly capturing the mood of the lyric, despite the British weather being typically contrary. David says, “We did the filming on the beach just before the first lockdown, thinking that our usual bleak weather was a sure bet. But, of course, it was absolutely glorious, which suddenly wasn’t such a bad thing when Richard fell into the sea while running backwards filming! We then had two other sessions which were filmed across the North
York Moors, where I live. It was important to film here as I’m a Yorkshireman at heart.

Sometimes, even the smallest element can play a significant  role in the overall impact of the song. In this case, the title plays with the imagination and suggests toxicity straight away. From the opening chords there's a dark atmosphere surrounding the song, an uneasy feeling, sadness, hurt, disappoitment. Crabtree's emotional delivery breaks your heart but also makes you connect with the lyrics and with what's said.

"Love is like gasoline I should know what it means"

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