Music from the Heart

David Keenan - Strip Me Bare - Vol.1 (EP)

The Dundalk songwriter has been enchanting the crowds not only at home in Ireland but also in the United States and many other places. This thanks mainly to his co-patriot and songwriting hero Glen Hansard who took him as special guest on his US tour. Now David's back in the States on his own.

Strip Me Bare is a beautiful collection of songs that shows the range of the talent of this young man. You immediately notice he's mature way beyond his years. We're saying this in the best way imaginable. His voice unravels various layers right from the start. And the songwriting. Something you find nicely surprising knowing David is just 24. He pays tribute to the Irish songwriting tradition but still keeps his own unmistakable style.

"Unholy Ghosts" takes us to London (where David recently played his first headline gig) and the track clearly shows Keenan isn't affraid to address some serious issues we face in the modern society. His voice is fragile and powerful at the same time, demanding listener's undivided attention.

There is a certain magic in this "back to basics" concept of albums. You can't hide much, there is no room for effects or anything like that. You either have the gift or you don't. And if you do there is no better way to show it.

David certainly has a bright future ahead. He's capable of painting fantastic pictures with his words. Go and see for yourselves!!



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