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David Hope - ... And the Sea

 "…and the Sea" is the 5th studio album release by Irish singer songwriter David Hope. Both lyrically and musically this is the deepest dive Hope has taken into his songwriting and recording capturing a mix of raw emotional acoustic tracks and full band epics this makes for his most complete album to date. Recorded and produced by the legendary Christian Best at Monique Studios, Midleton, Cork. The approach taken by Hope and Best to the albums production was to try and capture as much of the performances as live as possible, in an effort to be as true to each song as possible but ultimately have the overall sound like “an Album”.

Hope was joined for the recording sessions which took place in July 2019, October 2019 and February 2020 by some of Ireland's and Switzerland's finest musicians. From Switzerland the unstoppable Steffi Hess on double bass and vocals. The amazing Kealan Kenny on electric guitar, and the equally talented Darragh Keary on piano and keys. Rebound cork bassist Chris McCarthy also makes an appearance, with producer Christian Best again contributing drums and percussion as he did on the pairs previous collaboration Hope’s 2017 Album ‘Tough Love".

There is something about Hope's guitar playing in the opening album track World stopped turning, that immediately draws you in. If that wasn't enough, his voice is like a lighthouse, calling all the listeners and showing them the world of his creation. It doesn't take too long to understand why the album titlte is what it is. Even the opening track smells of the sea if you are perceptive enough.

 Like an old sailor, sitting on the shore, telling stories to whoever is willing to listen, Hope's vocal is warm, engaging. Burning Question is a standout from the collection. An upbeat arrangement and vocal delivery, with certain urgency hidden within,  this indie rock composition carries a powerfu message that one should never give up on their goals and dreams.

 "i am asking for forgiveness but nobody's giving"

Death and Taxes might seem quite pesimistic for some but it only captures the reality of life and tries to advice us  "do what you can to survive because there's nothing sure than death and taxes, no-one's getting out alive"

No-One to Listen goes back to where this album started. Mellow, deeply introspective track with Hope's soulful consoling vocal, telling us everything will be ok in the end eventhough we might not feel that way just now.

 "And The Sea" was the featured album on Roddie Cleere's Irish Music Show on KCLR96FM and on David Dee Moore Radio Show.

Original album artwork by Jenny Mongan

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