Music from the Heart

David Dee Moore & Vickers Vimy - Leave Your Light On (single)

Singer/songwriter David Dee Moore based in Mayo celebrates 40 years of music-making. He has spent the last 20 years in the west of Ireland as a resident musician at Matt Molloy's bar (The Chieftains). He is also known for running The Acoustic Yard festival and radio shows. For this release he teamed up with Vickers Vimy, who hail from Mayo and craft songs on the border of folk and Americana. Vickers Vimy have collaborated with Colm Mac Con Iomaire (The Frames, The Swell season, ex-Kíla) and had the pleasure of recording at Nick Seymour's (Crowded House) studio.

The catchy pop/Americana song has a very Vickers Vimy sound (for those familiar with the band), the lyrics have slightly romantic flavour but not too much. It may depict the lonely lifestyle of a musician on the road, judging by the lines "my backpack was my home...I'm always on my own.."

It's not easy to balance a career like that and a relantionship of any kind but the song shows signs of hope that there's always a way when there's a will. Whatever the song is really about, we get the sense there's a strong message hidden in the lyrics, the urge of maintaining a positive mindset in hard times and trying to see the bright side of things. Whatever happens to us doesn't last forever, even the worst things must end and we have to enjoy the good ones while they last.

Musically, the song maintains a steady rthytm that you'd be subconsciously stomping to after the first listen.

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