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Davey Long - Flesh & Blood (single)

Davey Long is a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist from Kilkenny City who is well known in the Irish music scene. He has appeared on several albums including Celtic Woman’s GRAMMY nominated Destiny, The Fundamentals Past and Present Collide, Edisons Little Bohemia, The Kilkennys The Colour Of Freedom, Emma Langford’s Sowing Acorns and The Barnets’ forthcoming LP.  Davey co-wrote On The Carousel for the popular folk band Drops Of Green and the song went on to win an ASLR Celtic Music Award.   

As a member of The Kilkennys, Davey wrote for the band and toured extensively worldwide.  He has performed at many prestigious music festivals including Milwaukee Irish Fest, Zwarte Cross, Temple Bar Tradfest and Smithwicks Source in support of Bob Dylan.  Davey’s poetry has been shortlisted for the Kilkenny Arts Office 2021 Poetry Broadsheet.  His song Lampedusa has been featured by the charity OPEN ARMS in their social media campaigns highlighting the urgent migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.

Davey Long releases his debut solo album Eitilt in October 2021.  The album is produced by Davey Long and mixed by Martin O'Neill, Martin Quinn and The Production Suite.  The songs range in sound and influence from Americana to folk to rock.  Eitilt features contributions by many fine Irish musicians including Sara Ryan, Dave Gough, Rob Larkin, Kealan Kenny, Shane O’Dwyer, James Delahunty and others. 

Ride The Wave is the first single from Eitilt.  The single has been well received since its release in late July 2021 and it has been playlisted by RTE 2XM, OCEAN FM and KCLR. Last Train To Tupelo was the second single release from Eitilt.  It has been play listed by KCLR and OCEAN FM.  It has also been featured on numerous Spotify playlists.  Music Crowns gave the single a positive review calling it 'a celebratory , rollicking good time.'

In a year that has seen catastrophic changes to our environment, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Davey Long has dropped words of melodic wisdom about the fragility of life in his latest single, Flesh & Blood. It dips into alt rock with a hint of bass and drum influences, all while maintaining a heavy groove that shifts dynamics throughout the song and reaches a crescendo at the finale. Haunting vocals add the sense of urgency, the need to pay attention and to do something before it's too late. It may give the unsettling feeling to some but this is the artist's intention. And who is better in observing their surroundings than the artist?

While subjecting the single to a specific genre will do it no justice, critics have likened it to the days of old school pop-rock, with David Bowie, Pink Floyd and U2 being thrown in the mix.Accompanied by a music video which features juxtaposed shots of the great outdoors, Flesh & Blood is an environmental activists’ call for change.  Both audio and visuals elements call on the audience to better respect nature and its beauty.




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