Music from the Heart

Dave Clarke - Listen for the Signals

Dave Clarke is a musical force to be reckoned with. He has spent time as a drummer for Glen Hansard but most people would know him as a drummer of Hothouse Flowers. His solo releases are more rock,  there are hints of Nick Cave in his vocal delivery. The dark tone remains also in the lyrics. His latest offering Listening for Signals is no exception. He plays all instruments on his recordings which might be surprising for those who haven't had the chance to discover the extent of his talent.

One of the clear examples of the aforementioned is Comin'around, an atmospheric track which sounds quite haunting the more you listen to it. The sudden end of the track is another surprising but fitting element.

Come Together seems to be calling the spirits of the musical heroes. With the haunting vocal and the ringing guitar it creates an image of a gathering of the immortal souls. Would you dare to join? Will they let you?

Before I fall has a slight country feel and it shows Clarke isn't affraid to enter different genres. Given his extensive experience, this shouldn't be a surprise. Catchy line “Hey…. where are you going to? Where you coming from?” gets into your head and you'll be singing that minutes, hours or maybe weeks afterwards.

The resemblance to NIck Cave's vocal expression is most evident in Howdy Partner. There's certain dark aura about the song itself. It gradually fades away but the impact remains.

This album maintains the individuality of its creator, it's not trying to become something it's not, to sound like something you know.   As unique as Dave Clarke himself.


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