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D. Cullen - Sing My Story, Tell My Song

D. Cullen is a songwriter/musician from Dublin, Ireland. He has just released his hotly anticipated new album Sing My Story, Tell My Song .The twelve-track album has been a long time in the making: writing started in 2018, with recording sessions with Boo Hewerdine and Chris Pepper in 2019, and the album was set for release in 2020 when it was derailed by Covid lockdowns.

In 2019 D. Cullen released first single from the album ‘Alright’ which debuted with a performance on The Late Late Show, and quickly became one of the most played songs on RTÉ Radio One. After a slew of single releases in 2020 and 2021 (including "Radio", which brought him back to The Late Late Show for a barnstorming 2nd performance), D. Cullen is now releasing his debut album Sing My Story, Tell My Song.

During lockdown D. Cullen hit upon a wellspring of creativity and couldn’t stop writing. He taught himself how to produce and record and thus began a two-year process of recording demos, drafting in musicians for remote sessions, sending files and ideas to Roger Bechirian, Conor McLoughlin, Ivan Jackman and Chris Pepper, and essentially making a whole new album’s worth of songs. When the time came to finally release the album, he had over forty songs to pick from and the cream of the crop made it onto Sing My Story, Tell My Song.

The songs have quite an old school sound which also make them timeless. Although D.Cullen presents his versatily on this album fairly well, we feel that the more intimate and more introspective songs suit him better-  songs like OK where he shows his vulnerability, emotional fragility that tells us we are all humans who face struggles or uncertainties from time to time.

His lyrics are thought-provoking, lyrics such as "when she told him the spark died he just looked at his phone" (Birch Street or " I know I can handle a lot of pain, I am a human being, I was built that way (I'm Not Leaving). Warm stands up to its name, it is laced with nostalgia and romance yet carries that heartwarming familiarity.

And the heartwarming familiarity is something that connects all the tracks, providing that timeless feel.

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