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D.Cullen - Radio (single)

D.Cullen is a songwriter/musician from Dublin, Ireland. In 2019, his song "Alright" made waves at radio in Ireland and led to an acclaimed performance on Ireland's biggest TV chat show "The Late Late Show". He followed up in 2020 with a slew of equally addictive and uplifting releases - "The Rising Tide" EP, two singles ("Rainbow Weather' & "Birch Street") and a festive collaboration with Sinead McConville: "Christmas Ain't The Same (Miles & Miles Away)".

He now returns with his latest offering Radio. Starting gently with some delightful piano, this track later becomes a catchy pop song where the keys still play a central role. The song carries an optimistic message that life can get overwhelming but there is always an escape - listening to the radio. The airwaves have always something comforting to offer. Cullen's vocal stands out and the female element softens the overal vibe and compliments the lead vocal.

"The lyrics to Radio speak to the huge distress I felt in 2021,” D. explains “As with most of us, I was locked down, isolated from friends and family, and without any outlets or release from all of the world’s stress. The one thing that kept me going was being able to dive into my record collection, dive into great music, and dive into the radio. Music is the most invaluable method of escape, and this song is a tribute to that."

The song was recorded with a allstar team; D. hunkered down in the studio with Conor McLoughlin (Sick Love) engineering and Roger Bechirian (Bell X1/Elvis Costello/Bell X1) mixing. D. laid down all of the instruments in a day (bar a drum sample from the wonderful Binzer Brennan which opens the song), before making use of the exceptional talents of  Rebecca Geary (Conor’s bandmate) and Sinead McConville for the glorious 3-part harmony that lynchpins the chorus.

“Rebecca, Sinead & I have all known each other for years and have spent many, many years singing together. The blend of our three voices is a sound I adore, and I’m so grateful to have them featured in the song.”

“Radio” is taken from D. Cullen’s forthcoming debut album, “Sing My Story, Tell My Song”, which is in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo

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