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Cosmic Embers - Apocalypse in Metropolis (single)

Cosmic Embers are an Irish psychedelic rock band. They are Paddy O’Keeffe (Guitars, Vocals), Adam Walsh (Bass) and Anto Walsh (Drums).  They began playing music together in the summer of 2021, and quickly began writing afterwards. They have given hundreds of hours to creating unique sonic landscapes dedicated to telling stories of navigating the strange social missions given to the intrepid explorer of relationships in the post-pandemic West. The band fuse genres effortlessly, taking blues, hardcore experimental, and traditional songwriting in their stride. The family band have found that the generation gap within the bad, and the differing musical tastes this entails, is consistently leading to unique music for them. They are looking forward to showcasing their distinctive brand of rock to live audiences around Ireland this summer.

Their debut single, ’Apocalypse in Metropolis, serves as a manifesto for what the band is capable of, even already. A cautionary but humorous tale about readapting to life in society after growing happily accustomed to isolation, the song was inspired in part by George Romero's zombie films, Dawn of The Dead and Land Of The Dead. O’Keeffe croons in his low baritone about “creeping around corners/and staying out of sight”. His delivery is convicted, whilst remaining tongue-in-cheek.

Anto Walsh's drums are a rock-solid core to the track, while his song Adam’s command of the bass guitar is evident.  Layers of soundv build throughout the track, climaxing in a real Theremin featuring late in the track. There is no family in Ireland making music like this. Come and pay them a visit. The psychedelic kettle is on.

"We're no longer prisoners

We're just caught up in the

Maze of non existence"

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