Music from the Heart

Cormac Russell - When the Queen Goes Down (single)

Canadian born, but raised in Ireland, Cormac Russell has taken his music across the globe, including England and China. He released his second album titled 'Nately's Whore' in September. Playing all the instruments himself, he draws from a diverse range of influences; from contemporaries like Mac DeMarco and Nick Cave to literary giants like Walt Whitman. The album takes its name from a character in Joseph Heller's Catch 22, and this book played an important role in the work's evolution. In the mean time, he launched the album at The Workman's Club, Dublin and appeared on Irish radio. He will be releasing his third album 'Regicide' in May of this year.

Starting with a simple guitar with drums joining in shortly after, the single seems to be musically timeless. Russell's vocal delivery is convincing, more of a spoken word than singing but very fitting regardless. The lyrics are explicit, direct, outrageous,  leaving the listener wondering where isthis coming from. The answer may lie in the line " Well, I'm just being nosy".

Is the songwriter trying to tell us something? Is this a sign of the changes that are on the horizon for the UK? The listeners are to decide.

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