Music from the Heart

Conor O'Sullivan - The Inbetween

Do you want an example of an album that flows smoothly like water in the river? Then Conor O'Sullivan is your man. A talented songwriter and lyricist telling us stories hard to forget. Stories of sadness and experience of life lived.

His second album, The Inbetween,  is a collection of songs that on one hand have the feel of typical Irish ballads and on the other hand you can clearly notice the bluegrass influence there. Songs like Crooked Jack immediately remind you of the Irish storytelling tradition and it's hard not to fell in love with it. You can't help but notice certain similarity with the melody of Star of the County Down. Whether intentional or not, the result is haunting. Conor's soft voice seems natural, without any pressure and it sees him feeling comfortable in his own sound. Some tracks on this album are instrumental but they create a vivid image for the listener so that you know what is O'Sullivan trying to say.

The instruments on the record are chosen wisely. Nothing trying to go beyond the rest. To summ up, this record is asking for listener's attention and, according to Conor's own words, the mood of the album is quite intentional. The more times you listen to it, the deeper you dive.  An album that definitely stays with you.

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