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Con Murphy - Otherworld

Con Murphy is a singer-songwriter who hails from Ballinrobe in Co. Mayo, Ireland. A singer-songwriter by night, he spends his days facilitating music sessions in the Mayo Mental Health services. Con has been developing his live sound over the past number of years writing and performing his original works on various stages at home and abroad. His sound is varied, broad and experimental. You can expect to hear folk rock, folk/country, soft rock and alternative vibes throughout his debut album ‘Otherworld’ and throughout his back catalog. He is currently performing his music with a full 5 piece band and released his debut studio album in May 2022.

This 10 track album was preceded by the release of his first EP in 2018. Murphy's songwriting is honest, wearing his heart on his sleeve. Each track on the album carries different vibe and different story. The healing power of the music is evident right from the opening track " Change my mind". Feels like Murphy sits next to the listener, looking them in the eye, holding their hand and having an open heart conversation.

History in a Chair is filled with nostalgy, the simple arrangement only adds to the emotional effect of the words and beyond. "You took your last breath sitting in that chair" is a line that summs it all up.

Title track is possibly the most experimental on the collection yet it feels natural. Dramatic piano intro, the signature motive being played throughout the song and that combined with Murphy's powerful delivery of spoken word, creates a strong and impactful piece. The more you listen to this, the deeper you dive in and realize there's much more to it than just a piece of music.

Murphy shows his versality throughout the album but different musical shoes fit him and everything feels as meant to be. However, we feel like the more introspective tracks suit his nature more, the intimate tracks invite the listeners to connect. A perfect example of such track would be Saffron_Pink. A gentle waltzy rhytm and soft vocal create something that goes straight into the soul.

The album has been named Album of the week by Marty Whelan on RTÉ Lyric FM.

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