Music from the Heart

Chris Kabs - More (single)

Chris Kabs is a visionary Influential Dublin-based producer and artist. He is now back with “More”, a groovy Afro Infused track.  It was written from a place feeling like his love interest can’t get enough.  Chris’s clean crisp production paired with his silky vocals creates a seductive ambiance as you listen. The bouncy up beat track leaves listeners wanting more. We see Chris ditch his usual pop sound for this cool catchy afro Infused sound that we just can’t get enough of. 

The catchy lyrics and production evokes a sense of escape and nostalgia. “More” really showcases Chris’s versatility not only lyrically and melodically but also in his production.  This is the first release of 3 singles taken from Chris’ forthcoming EP project due out this October, via TEMO Universal label.

"More" is co-written by JyellowL who Chris has previously produced for in the past for JyellowL’s “Ozone” single which was featured on FIFA 20 Soundtrack and “OH Lawd” for the BBC TV series “Normal People”. Ab electro track combined with Afro beats laced with an atmospheric vibe tends to attract attention of wide range of listeners. The repeated lyrics engrave themselves into your head and you wouldn't even know how that happened.

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