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Chris Conroy - Wolves (single)

Originating from the town of Portlaoise, Ireland, Chris Conroy discovered a love for guitar and in turn songwriting in his late teens. From learning his first chords, to writing his first lyrics, his life experiences have shaped who he is and how his music sounds today. A constant battle between happiness and heartache, love and loss, Chris expresses a refreshing and honest vulnerability, a defiant and hopeful mindset all in a playful yet serious manner. Chris grew up listening to Acoustic/Pop acts such as Ed Sheeran , Damien Rice and Bon Iver but now draws inspiration from numerous Hip Hop and RnB artists which he infuses with his original love of Acoustics.

After the release of his previous two singles ‘Dive’ and ‘Sink Or Swim’, Chris Conroy is back with the last track on his debut EP ‘Wolves’. Wolves is a song expressing the struggle in loving someone while seeking different futures. In this case Chris/the male wolf talks about wanting to explore the wild and the unknown with his partner but she is afraid of leaving her comfort zone and the life she already knows. The rest of the track explains how when he leaves in search of the unknown he is happier, but still can't get his ex partner ‘Out of his head’. Chris’ music has been described as ‘Easy going yet powerful’ with ‘rich vocals refined with heart’ accompanied by ‘beautiful lyrics with a euphonious sound’.

The dark atmosphere takes the listener to the woods. The arrangement combined with powerful lyrics create a heavy track with deeper meaning, asking the listener to pay attention to the words and perhaps reflect on similar experiences he/she had in the past. Conroy's passionate vocal leaves no doubt he writes from the heart.

"And i'm thinking now that i'm lost

but my loyalty remains

And i know i'm all that you want

But i'm confined to this maze"

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