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Chósta - Late Night Jazz Radio (single)

Irish producer and Dublin Digital Radio regular musical artist Chósta releases new single ‘Late Night Jazz Radio’  which is a mix of genres from electronica, downtempo, IDM, and outsider house, that has existed in some form or another for about two years. Chósta is the moniker of Conor Kelly, who is an electronic artist with musical influences Boards of Canada, J Dilla, Mobb Deep, Talk Talk, John Coltrane and Planxty. The new single is built around jazz samples and melancholic keys that were initially inspired by the  twilight hour radio shows like Donal Dineen’s old Today FM that Chósta grew up on.

As the pandemic unfolded and we were plunged into isolation, it took on a different meaning. Without the communal nature of gigs, music was again a very reclusive experience. The track developed into one longing for the evenings/nights spent with friends at venues and on dancefloors.

Showing further growth in his musical abilities, the creative range and versatility compared to previous releases is outstanding. ‘Late Night Jazz Radio’ is a delicious offering to his music catalog that will be turning heads in his direction with his talents and musical drive to create something effortlessly brilliant. The track starts as a classic radio programme, including the signal disruptions, before turning into an eletronica number. The female vocal comes from a distance, creating a chilled out vibe ideal for the late night listen.

Chósta also plays two upcoming live shows in consecutive nights at the Workman’s Club in Dublin:

Friday December 3rd  w/Sour Blood

Saturday December 4th  w/Real Lies

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