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Charlie Baker - Didn't Know (single)

Charlie Baker from Essex, United Kingdom, is a 21year old singer, songwriter and rapper who blurs the lines of genres with R&B, rap and pop tinged self penned tracks. With versatility and a fresh outlook on how music today can sound with a nod to old school R&B , Charlie can forge a path to success and make a name for himself in the music scene today. Charlie’s debut single “Better With Me” received strong airplay across the UK with BBC Introducing Essex spinning his first play and strong support from Amazing Radio. The airplay continued around the globe, hitting stations in America, across Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Charlie’s fresh R&B pop hits and rapping mixed with unique vocals seem to be a recipe for success with stations across the globe clambering for this next release. Charlie received strong streaming numbers for his debut release “Better With Me” and these figures continued within his social media presence,  with his TikTok account passing 514K Likes. Bringing different takes on current chart tracks or dropping freestyles and original music, fans seem to be loving this new young and exciting artist.

Didn’t Know” is a bouncy R&B/ pop track that tells the story of a new and exciting relationship. The track is constantly evolving, taking the listener on the highs and lows within a relationship with the chorus speaking of how this new found love has in fact been lying and has another man. Charlie’s unique vocals combining with his relatable and current lyrics bring the connection with the new lover to listeners and makes them feel part of the story that unfolds.

Didn’t Know” Charlie's second self penned track is an exciting take on 90s R&B vibes mixed with a current and fresh pop feel. Bringing a situation that many of us have found ourselves in to song with cool and relatable lyrics, “Didn’t Know” would easily fit into today's charts. Charlie has once again teamed up with Theo Onasanya  ( Beat production on “Better With Me”) and has turned to London based Sahir Kabani (mixing) to give the track a different feel  along with mastering provided by Orvar Thorvaldsson. Charlie headlined his first gig in London’s  Moustache Bar Dalston and got a slot at The Slaughtered Lamb on Friday 11th February.  With his 3rd single recorded , mixed and mastered, Charlie Baker is ready to keep blurring the lines of genres and continue with his momentum gained as this talented singer/songwriter makes his mark on 2022.

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