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Charles James Livingstone - Midnight Moon (single)

Co. Monaghan singer-songwriter Charles James Livingstone is releasing his debut single as a solo artist after Covid made performing and writing in his band Lowlight Gathering unfeasiblefor the last year. With a full EP due for release later in the year Livingstone is announcing himself as a solo artist with his first single ‘Midnight Moon’. Taking a step back from writing with his band Lowlight Gathering while in lockdown, Charles has decided to go it alone on this one, writing and recording the songs from the comfort of his bedroom at home. With this new single Charles is showcasing the experience he gained along the way as the singer-songwriter and frontman for his previous band, which has given him the confidence to step outside his comfort zone and approach his craft from a solo perspective.


Working once again with producer and singer-songwriter Ryan Sheridan who Livingstone has worked with in the past and getting old bandmates (Shay Sweeney on drums and Danny Mahony on keys) to record parts remotely, Livingstone has been able to create a beautiful full sound that hasn't lost the spark of magic that lead his band multiple plaudits in the past. The track is steeped in all the right elements. From a slow smooth intro and beginning, into uplifting and anthemic chorus. Charles describes Midnight Moon as a story with a metaphorical meaning of escapism. The lyrics talk of a couple trying to escape the daytime light and all its trappings, as the night is where they find peace and solace. Charles’ previous releases with his band have seen him win a Best Newcomer Award at thePure M Music Awards for the band's first EP release Young Hearts. The band also received rave reviews for the release from the likes of Hot Press and The Irish Times with extensive radioairplay on both local and regional airwaves. With this new single release Livingstone is hopingto gain the listeners attention and possibly show them a different side to his craft movingforward as a solo artist in 2021.

Midnight Moon combines various moods, just the right amount of each. Starting gently on a melancholic note, the track builds up to the big anthemic chorus. Livingstone's warm vocal feels comfortable in all positions, showing his range along the way. This little taste of his solo endeavours works as an appetizer, makes you wait impatiently for his next offering.

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