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Caithríona Madden - That Change (single)

Caithríona Madden (nee Mongey) is a singer/songwriter and music teacher based in Navan. She has been performing most of her life on stage with many musical societies, various groups and as a wedding singer and pianist. Caithriona had great success with her debut single ‘What we need this Christmas’ in December 2022. It was very well received and played on many radio stations, including an interview on Today FM, and her story and song were featured in The Irish Daily Mirror & Irish Daily Star.

This is a song of hope. I think it is important to be there for someone in hard times, and to be lucky enough to have someone there for you, in your own tough times too." Caithríona’s second single which has been written and composed by her, is called ‘That Change’. It was arranged and produced by Mark Cahill Productions.  A music video is directed and produced by Ultan O’Cinneide. Kind thanks to The Central Bar, Navan for the video location.

The song starts with evocative piano and when Madden starts to sing, it pulls all the heartstrings. She sings with feeling, trying to spread a positive message that even if you feel things are bad right now, it is not the end of the world and there are better days on the horizon. She is not shy to show her vulnerability in this mellow ballad which flows like a boat on water. You just step on and let yourself be carried away by the music and the meaning of the words.

" Regrets are memories we have to leave behind,
The sound of laughter again, is something you will find

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