Music from the Heart

BRÍDÍN - Floating (single)

West Co. Sligo native, BRÍDÍN, carries on the traditions of unique skills and talents passed down through her family. She is fourth generation of her family to play Irish music and plays harp, flute, piano, and dances sean nós. And by day, BRÍDÍN, works as a full time funeral director and embalmer, taking after her father David McGowan, known from the RTÉ documentary The Funeral director. She says “I’ve always been involved in funerals, working full time in it, it has completely changed my outlook on life. I see sadness every day and people going through the most horrible time. There are tragic funerals and you have to stay strong, and hold it together. When the funerals over and I go home that night I erupt. I gravitate towards my harp and write my music, which I find is a huge relief and escape.”

BRÍDÍN has developed her own style influenced by her natural surroundings and rooted in her background in traditional Irish music. Her forthcoming contemporary folk EP titled ‘Ocean of Stars’ is due February 24th 2021. It will feature five tracks, ‘Wysteria’, ‘Floating’, ‘North West’, ‘Ocean of Stars’ and ‘The Salmon’s Tale, featuring Colm Mac Con Iomaire. Once covid restrictions allow, BRÍDÍN plans to celebrate the launch of her EP with a live show from the cockpit of a decommissioned Boeing 767 plane, located at their “Quirky Nights Glamping Village” in Enniscrone Co. Sligo.

'Floating' is a fun, dancy and mellow tune. BRÍDÍN uses her loop and effect pedals to create her musical pieces, and has a fantastic wealth of musicians record on this song, with Paul Leonard on drums, Brian Dillon on Keys, and Jack Selby-Smith on Bass. The track starts with just vocal and percussion, installing the dreamy vibe. BRÍDÍN's ethereal vocal along with the bright harp tones is somewhat reminiscent of Saint Sister. The simple arrangement attacks the listener's subconsciousness, bringing the vivid sense of wild waters, mountain streams, ending with raindrops.

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