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Brice Sedgwick - Venice (EP)

Australian Brice Sedgwick has already gained attention and critical acclaim with his debut album Pacifico where he really showed himself as an artist of a serious talent and bright future. Now he's back with new EP called Venice. Sedgwick's style is hard to categorize - which is a good thing and it has something to do with originality and uniqueness which is something every songwriter is looking for.

Title track is a gentle piano ballad and with Sedgwick's evocative vocal this track shows the direction of the whole album. There's certain sadness in the song, talking almost apologetically about a relationship where things didn't the way the singer would haved liked  (i didn't see the things then I'm seeing.....I make you cry without a reason...) The sound of the waves and screams of the seagulls at the end of the song bring back the sensation of peace. And hope that everything will be allright.

Symmetry has a completely different feel, you immediately get the sensation of being in a club when you listen to this tune, Just add the colourful lights and the package is complete.

Mondays aren't blue in California takes us back to the aforementioned place, the rthytm in the song changes like the waves when they approach the shore. With this song the dynamic of the album changes again but everything keeps flowing smoothly, nothing is forced.

You'll be caught by the rhytm of Neighborhood scenes and its multiple layers. The topic of relationship is brought up here again - this time between neighbours and another thing brought up here is a suggestion that sometimes we should stop for a while and be aware what's around us...

Boys don't cry may remind us of the movie of the same name but that's the only similarity here. Once the song ends, the emotions still linger...

Brice Sedgwick plays with listener's imagination like he did on his previous record but this time it's more intense and it goes deeper. He's a musical chameleon and we can look forward to discovering more of his colours.


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