Music from the Heart

Brice Sedgwick - Pacifico

How often do you come across a debut album that surprises you in the best way possible? Something that makes you think the artist has it all? This is the case of Brice Sedqwick's album Pacifico.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the first chords of the opening track Tortoiseshell Sky? you certainly wouldn't say this is a pop album. It's mystical, taking you to the depths of your subconciousness. Sedwick's voice shines above this auto/tune but the fact the track is programmed doesn't disturb the listener. It flows smoothly and creates the mood the artist had in mind. We have to mention here that Pacifico is not only Sedqwick's debut album, it's entirely solo effort recorded in different locations around the world (London, Los Angeles and Melbourne).

Brice has a voice that's pleasant to listen to, sounding somehow familiar but unique at the same time. Robyn on the couch is a gentle, quiet, piano accompanied song that hides certain melancholy. Another great example of Sedgwick's vocal range. The electric guitar in Fresh Cut Grass immediately catches the listener's ears. In Came The Light brings back the piano.

Some might say to have 9 tracks on your debut album is pretty courageous but there's nothing wrong with it when you're able to balance different styles and Brice Sedqwick shows the world he's more than comfortable in various genres. He can sing soft ballads as well as upbeat tunes.


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