Music from the Heart

Brian Lalor - Somehow (single)

We all know the Irish have a gift of storytelling and that's maybe why their songwriting tradition is so strong. Laois native and North Cork area based Brian Lalor has been making music for over a decade. He puts himself and his feelings into the lines. His style is at the crossroads between country, folk and rock but the result is natural and catchy.

They say you have to sing like you mean it, otherwise nobody is going to believe what you're singing. Brian Lalor's new single Somehow is no exception. Gifted with recognizable voice he delivers a great piece of work and even comes with an advice for a listener (Forget all your worries, they won't help you out). Musically the single has more of a rock feeling with the drums taking the lead and the vocal perfectly pointing out the message of a song.

When you hear this man's voice it immediately reminds you of those travelling troubadours who share their lives through songs. You might find yourself on the road too while listening to his music. Why not?
Lalor clearly shows his ability as a songwriter and when you hear one song, it's not enough, you want more.

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