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Brí - More Than (single)

Hailing from Offaly, Irish indie pop artist Brí has previously released 3 singles, debut track, 'LowSupply', 'Polite' and 'Burying'. From the success gained from these releases she sold-out her own Whelan's headline show, received high praise from a multitude of blogs and radio and was selected to perform at Beatvyne's MusicX Tech Experience. While 2020 saw performances from Brí at the esteemed Whelan's Ones to Watch, The Ruby Sessions, headliners in The Sound House,Spirit Store, festival line-up announcements such as Vantastival and the radio success of her recent releases, Brí hints at her debut album, set to be released in October. "More Than" is her fourth single.

Strongly atmospheric song with simple arrangement, More Than makes Brí's ethereal vocal showcase itself. Like a Siren calling the sailors.  Lyrically, this is a strong piece, very drect, not using any detours, calling everything by its name and you instantly know what she means, how she feels. And you relate to her words. One of those songs with a powerful message. In this case, craving "more than" where you actually find yourself. The desire to follow your heart and the need of hard work to be put into in order to achieve that.

"I can’t be me anywhere there’s not music in the air,
I can’t pretend to care about these things
That make no difference to me.
What about originality? Can I be me?"

Photo: Constance Vance
edit: Brí

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