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Brendan Tallon - Love In These Times

Last year’s Indie chart-topping re-issue of Revelino’s acclaimed debut album was one of the good news pandemic stories for the Irish independent scene. And from something old and classic is born something new and vital from the wickedly talented pen of Revelino’s songwriter. ’Love in These Times' is the debut solo album from Brendan Tallon.  Life may have gotten in the way of making this record sooner but in that time he has amassed an entire treasure trove of brilliant ideas realised into fully-formed songs. It’s a debut full of optimism and cerebral exuberance, light and colour defiantly counter-pointing a world wrought with anxiety with bright, up-beat pop songs full of thoughtful empathy and hope, not to mention addictive hooks and joyous genre bending recklessness. Every song is crafted meticulously and lovingly with a depth and resonance that weaves a rich tapestry, distilling his passion for subtle and layered musical and lyrical textures.

Commenting on the album Tallon says "If there is a thread running through the songs on this album it's that when things are looking really bad and you feel like you’re losing everything, the one thing you really don’t want to give up on is love. And for me that includes music. And love of music.  I don't mean that in a corny or wishy-washy way but in the most stark and brutal way that what keeps you hanging on is love - someone's love or the hope of love, universal connectivity or just one connection that gives you light at the end of the tunnel."

The First Time I Saw You sets the tone for the album. Well-crafted arrangement with an intimate feel, the strings adding an extra layer to Tallon's love for words. He doesn't forget his rock roots and we hear a few examples of that as well. There are more gentle numbers such as Be with Her Tonight that shows  the vulnerability of expressing the feelings, the impact once again enhanced by the strings. However, the track isn't too sentimental, it's just an honest confession.

The title track has a little old school feel but it makes it timeless at the same time. The brass adds another flavour to the piece and lifts it up.

Overall, the songs are tender, written with heart and skill, comforting those in need. How fitting for the times we're in! If any song illustrates this, then Time and a Place. Full of feeling and compassion,  the best medicine.

"just yearning for someone to be kind"

Love in These Times is dedicated to the memory of two great friends and fellow musicians, Gavin Ralston & Mark Levins.

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