Music from the Heart

Brendan O'Shea - Midatlantic Ghost

There are people that no matter where they live these days, you could still notice a huge pride of their origin in their art. New album by Kerryman Brendan O´Shea is one of these. Brendan has been living in New York for over twenty years but he still remains a proud Irishman, his roots are still in Killarney. And when you listen to his latest release, Midatlantic Ghost, its imprinted in the songs more than ever before. Beautiful poetic collection of diverse landscapes, emotions, experience.

Brendan's wife, singer/songwriter Jenna Nicholls, also appears on the record, singing harmonies and she even sings an entire song " Southyrn sky" which is a tribute to the voice of Nina Simone. Jenna's jazzy voice fits perfectly to this song. Over the years, Brendan became a man-to.go for Irish musicians in New York, an essential figure, We could say the new record summs up his friendly nature and the friendships that play an important role in his life. He is a poet with a guitar, a storyteller with a delicate warm voice that instantly catches your ear. Midatlantic Ghost is most intimate recording to date. Recorded in Blue Mountain House in Catskill Mountains with no more than just a few takes on each song, the record shows what can be done with the minimum of overdubs.

The opening track is the title track at the same time and takes us straight away to the lakes of Killarney or the Atlantic ocean as the name suggests. You get a similar feeling from another track, " On a hill."  There's also the love for the homeland as we mentioned earlier.

Each and every song on this album is crafted like a sculpture, with patience and love and it's almost impossible to pick up the highlight. These are the songs that heal the soul.


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