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Brendan Monaghan - The snow fell down (single)

County Down singer/songwriter Brendan Monaghan performs his material at home and in many countries around the world. He has released eight albums to date, received very enthusiastic reviews as he continues to progress in his art form. His Christmas release is called " The snow fell down."

The song tells the story of a single mother heading out at Christmas time with her friends for some festive fun.She is bitterly disappointed as all she finds is drunken men falling over her etc.. “no love in town”. So she heads home alone and is greeted by her loving son. It makes her realise that she already has all she really wants at home “and there’s some love in town” after all. 

You get the festive yet nostalgic feeling right as the song starts. The gentle tinkles of the piano bring the image of the falling snow and the violin paints an emotional picture, emotions are part of the Christmas time, be it joyful or sad, everything that shape us as human beings. These feelings aren't Christmas exclusive, they just get a bit more intense during this time.

This is the time of the year when we realize what really matters. Not expensive gifts or plenty of food on the table but the people you are with...

"...when there's love there's hope..."

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