Music from the Heart

BK Pepper - Territories

Classically trained on piano and trombone, BK Pepper’s musical projects include composing for film and theatre as well as touring with both orchestras and rock bands. After many years performing and releasing collaboratively,  Dublin-based BK is now releasing his debut album. Recorded in London’s Abbey Road, The Pool and Angel Studios, the collection of compositions is a neo-classical mix of piano, strings and electronics, with lead single ‘Colours’ a tribute to melody and imagination. About the album BK says.. “the theme of Territories reflects how borders have become increasingly visible in recent years, with migration, trade disputes and now a global pandemic reshaping how¨territories are perceived, defined and enforced around the world.

The lead single "Colours" can be interpreted in various ways.Different colours of music, different colours of emotions that are connected to the effects of the music or life in general. The compositions on the album are minimalistic in form but than only adds to the quality and impact of the work. Opening with Alerts, appropriately named as the tempo gradually picks up and you get an feel of urgency. The strings smooth the edges and add deeper feelings.

And don't forget the wonders the imagination can do. Island is a clear example. You see the waves crashing on the shore, the wind sweeping everything around, sense the cold or the warmth, feel the remoteness or the loneliness. Everything slows down when the wind stops.

Each composition has its own power but Tilt shows us what a human voice can do, take the piece to the whole new level. And the voice doesn't even need to sing or say words. Just the sound of the voice is enough. That makes you realize yet again how powerful instrument the human voice is anad what it can do with the listeners. It can move, heal, destroy.

Although many would consider 2020 the year of nightmares, Territories bring the relief and silver lining. The healing power of music is appreciated even more in these tough times and BK proves to be the master of just that. In the world full of chaos, uncertainty, war and sadness, he brings calm, hope and peace of mind. Music knows no borders, just emotions.

This is a first class debut which shows how the patience and dedication to the craft pay off.

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