Music from the Heart

BK Pepper - Alerts (single)

Dublin based composer BK Pepper recorded his debut album in a number of locations, from Abbey Road to a converted swimming pool and the hard graft paid off with acclaim from not only the Irish media but international radio and blogs too. Now with his second single 'Alerts' Pepper is strengthening his position as one of the most exciting, rising, minimalist electro composers.Classically trained on piano and trombone, BK Pepper’s musical projects include composing for film and theatre as well as touringwith both orchestras and rock bands. After many years performingand releasing collaboratively, BK finally released his own collection of songs.After a truly amazing reception to his debut album 'Territories' late last year, BK Pepper is kicking on and releasing only his second single. 'Alerts'.

Starting off quietly, the composition builds up pretty quickly into a lively yet evocative piece where the piano and strings are leading the way. There's a bright aura around the melody and its overall feel yet the strings add the introspective emotional layer. The end comes a little bit too soon, right as you start to really get lost in the music and let it affect you, it's over. That's what an impactful music does to you, the effect remains long after and your mind subconciously keeps going back to it.

This is not just a musical fantasy, it's a painting of different colours that change according to who's listening.

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