Music from the Heart

Becky and the Keys - Coldwater Creek (single)

Becky and the Keys are a new up-and-coming band from Northern Ireland, featuring Becky Baxter on vocals, Criostoir McConville on bass, Stephen Sykes on drums and Thomas Ferris on guitar and the songwriting skills of Michael D Sidwell and Colin Booth. Their music highlights the dynamic blend of contemporary stylings with an emotional resonance of soul. The  forthcoming single called Coldwater Creek is due for release on 26th July 2019, with a music video directed by award-winning film director Dr Murat Akser and team to follow.

This hugely atmospheric soulful track paints the image of the deep South before the listener's eyes. You can also feel certain gospel influence in the song. Simple arrangement only heightens the power of the song. You find yourself asking right from the start if the artist is really from Northern Ireland? Because a tune like that could easily come from the States and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Coldwater Creek feels like a breath of a fresh air on today's music scene where the biggest hits don't often mean the best songs and if you're truly looking for something that sweeps you off your feet, you have to dig a bit deeper. But look no further - you've found it!

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