Music from the Heart

Basciville - For All Lost Youth (EP)

Basciville are a multi-instrumental folk/indie duo, originating from Co. Wexford, Ireland that came to be in 2016, when brothers Cillian and Lorcan Byrne finally took the plunge and began creating music together. Since that time the duo has formulated their own unique blend of rhythm and blues with jazz, folk and orchestral harmony.The two brothers have already enchanted many wherever they appeared, the most recent opportunity being Electric Picnic. Their second EP is called For All Lost Youth.

Unreturned summs up everything this group is about - atmospheric dark tune, evocative vocal and powerful lyrics. Almost like a ritual hymn. Like a calling the ancestors from beyond the grave.

How we begin to say carries certain sadness about it, perhaps nostalgia or the desire to change the circumstances. Isn't that something we all feel at times? Gentle consoling vocals trying to tell us life is not that bad in the end.

Post-Youth was released as the first single from this collection. Strongly atmospheric composition with the typical haunting vibe. Lyrically, the song tackles the dangers of both over-thinking things and relying too much on preconceived logic. If you pay close attention to the lyrics you might get an almost apocalyptic impression.

The Old Hunger has probably the most optimistic feel of all the four songs which might sound strange given the title. But we all know titles like that can mean many things. And regardless of the song title, one thing remains clear - these guys can sing absolutely anything and the magic is guaranteed.

Let us quote Rumi " Open the window in the centre of your chest and let the spirits fly in and out..."

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