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Barry Tierney - Colours on Canvas (single)

Barry Tierney is an award-winning singer and songwriter from Kinsale, in the sunny south of Ireland. He grew up in a deeply musical family. An unmistakable voice, and a distinctly Irish penmanship, have served to gain Tierney a steady and growing supply of fans at home and abroad. Tierney has been presented songwriting awards by Robin Gibbs of The Bee Gees, and Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats, as well as by Jimmy Deenihan, the then-Irish Minister for Arts, after winning the IMRO sponsored Sean McCarthy writing festival award. Barry topped the Irish iTunes Charts in 2014 with his critically acclaimed album Hotel Alamar, which led to him signing a lifetime publishing deal with Universal Music Berlin. Barry has toured Russia, UK, Germany and the US, and has toured 6 months a year from 2014 until 2020. 2022 will see Tierney release his second studio album.

His latest release Colours on Canvas is as Irish as it gets. The melody, the storytelling, the delivery. What strikes the listener immediately is Tierney's vocal, the influence from trad music can be felt strongy and in this case is enhanced by the accordion. The result is nostalgic, inviting us to participate in the story. As Tierney says "It's a journey through the history, culture, sport and art. From Tom Barry’s flying column, to the burning of Cork the listener is taken on a journey. The Jack Lynch tunnel is visited, along with the wonderful music bars of Coburg Street."

"Colours on canvas and stars in the night
Ballads in Coburg’s fine bars
The chandellier is trembling down at the Metropole
Down at the Metropole"

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