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Bai Bang - Best of Four

A driven force in the Swedish "rock" scene of the 2000s —Hailing from Sweden, a touch of glam/sleaze/rock metal of the 1980s. Since the band started the Bai Bang members have spent a lot of time together on their tours all over Europe, Canada, Japan and USA. Bai Bang have been touring with bands like: Alice Cooper, LA Guns, Dio, Ratt, Pretty Maids and Union among others and have done many headline tours as well.The band have been playing at festivals like: Sweden Rock Festival, Wacken Open Air and Rocklahoma.
Coming back with a Best Of release from their last 4 albums ( Are You Ready – 2009, Livin' My Dream – 2011, All Around The World – 2013, Rock Of Live – 2017.

Rock It is a true anthem of any rock band with  catchy phrases and rhytm you cannot get rid of.

Only the best Die young instantly reminds you of a song by Queen called No-one but you (only the good die young) written as a tribute to Freddie Mercury. Coincidence that the song titles are so alike? perhaps.  An evocative ballad expressing the grief following a loss of a loved one but also the hope that the deceased is gonna be with us as long as we keep him in our thoughts. Emotions are pouring out in this highly honest song and you can almost touch them.

"...memory of you will for always remain and I know I will see you again..."

I Love The Things You Hate is an example of a song that has better musical content but the lyrics somehow lost the invention and the base of the whole song are just the lines " i love the things you hate, you hate the things I love..." that makes you think the lyricist could have done better than that.

What stands clear from this collection are trademark guitar riffs for melodic rock bands, most of the songs have the feel of the 80's and we have the impression that the slower ballads fit the band better and there could have been more of them on the album.

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