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Bagatelle - That Summer Song (single)

Bagatelle are an Irish rock band that first formed in August 1978 in Bray, County Wicklow. They shared stages with artists such as Bob Marley, Don McLean or Jose Feliciano. They are best known for their song "Summer in Dublin." and the single they released not long ago, simply called That Summer Song, has a strong connection to the well-known track. This song was written  & recorded during one of the very last studio sessions with Liam Reilly & Bagatelle and was also one of the last recording sessions for producer / guitarist / multi-Instrumentalist & owner of Silverwood Studios Co Wicklow, Gavin Ralston who had played with so many acts including  The Waterboys,  Picturehouse, Sharon Shannon, Michael Flatley, Thom Moore,etc. Gavin Ralston passed away in September 2019. As if one tragedy that hit the band wasn't enough, Bagatelle singer Liam Reilly died suddenly on January 1st 2021.

That Summer Song is released as a tribute to Reilly and tells a story how one song can change the band's life forever. Listening to this song may be painful for some given the somber circumstances that surrounded the band in recent years yet the overall vibe is quite the opposite. There is joy and inmense gratitude to the fans who have stayed with the band through thick and thin and remained loyal to them for over four decades. Their music has been loved for generations (see the line “from father down to son”) and many have been affected by the sad events. As we all know, people may leave this world but the songs are still here and the legacy remains.  As long as we sing “That Summer Song” Liam Reilly will be alive.

"here is to you who brought us all the way"

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