Music from the Heart

Aslan - Made in Dublin

There are albums that are simply timeless. Albums we go back to for many years, that mean something to us. Originally recorded in 1999, Made in Dublin by legendary Aslan has become one of those. The band from North Dublin has been together for 35 years and one might think they should be internationally known as well as their fellow countrymen U2. Unfortunately for many, this is not the case. The band members take it as a sort of compliment that they managed to stay together for all those years and make a living out of music.

What is it with live recordings that captivates us? In cases like this it's obvious the songs were created to be played with participation of an audience that understands. It's more than just a concert, more than a chance of seeing your favourite artist. It's a sort of spiritual experience that we all need from time to time.

Crazy world captures the whole atmosphere more than perfectly. Nobody needs to ask the crowd to join in, they´re with the band from the start to finish. Christy Dignam almost seems like a spiritual leader getting together with his following. We can see a similar thing happening a few tracks later with This Is.

Another highlight is Hurt sometimes. The string section plays an important part here and the whole song demonstrates honest lyrics that leave deep mark in your heart and soul.

And Aslan are still here to tell the tale.

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