Music from the Heart

Art Block - The Basement (single)

Alternative singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Art Block from East London has been on the scene for quite a few years now, having released several singles and EPs to date, the most recent being Acoustic Sessions earlier this year. His latest single is called The Basement.

The song opens with a catchy guitar riff that guides us through the first lines. Art Block's vocal is gentle, almost whispering. There is a slightly romantic yet nostalgic vibe to the whole arrangement, you get the sense of a lover wanting to be cared for again. Not wanting to be alone, wanting to ease his heartbreak and emotional pain. It almost seems as the vocal is about to break from all the emotions. But it doesn't.

"Someone left my heart in the basement, come on, take it out.."

Lyrically, it's direct and powerful. "I won't see the blame, I won't feel the shame..." or  "I'm not the same man I'm supposed to be."

The track gets more electronic when it comes to the chorus but it still maintains the atmospheric and sad vibe.

"Tell me what you see when you find a little glow in your mind" sounds like trying to persuade someone to feel certain feelings you want them to feel. The basement stands as a metaphore in the song for the low point the singer finds himself at emotionally and he's looking for a way to pick himself up again.

Pretty evocative track about something we all know, sometimes too well.

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