Music from the Heart

Art Block - Eliza (single)

Each and every one of us have surely been in love at some point in our lives. Whether the love is happy or unrequited, it's always there. That could be the message of a new single by Art Block, a songwriter from east London whose influences include the likes of Jeff Buckley or Thom Yorke.

Eliza, the single from his upcoming EP,  is a soft piano ballad. Art Block's vocal is evocative, haunting at times, just what the song asks for. When the cello, played by Maria

Reina Rodriquez, joins in, it lifts the song and takes it to the next level. Somewhere into the higher dimension. What starts out as a deeply sad piece changes in the chorus 

into something more hopeful.

After listening to this song you might wonder who is Eliza. According to Art Block himself, Eliza is a fictional character and it's up to the listener to decide what's the theme of the song.

If you love soulful music, Art Block is your man. Be prepared to discover the depths of your soul.


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